Funding / Financial Institutions

The mission for the funding institutions is to help MFIs operating more efficiently and be more effective. They provide each partner with financial products and services that are tailored to meet their needs.

A goal is to ensure the partners are moving their clients out of poverty and to foster good practices for measuring the progress of the individuals movement across poverty lines. MFIs must show results, yet many do not have the tools to evaluate how well they are fulfilling their mission of reducing poverty, reaching people excluded from financial services, empowering women, or promoting community solidarity. That´s why they should also equip microfinance institutions with tools to measure their clients’ progress out of poverty. Built on the learnings of previous efforts in the microfinance industry they can develop the operational methods in reaching the clients. Innovative financing solutions and strategies to expand the capacity and efficiency of the MFIs provide a direct impact on the lives of the poor, and advancing the microfinance industry as it moves toward even higher standards in terms of anti-poverty impact and financial performance.

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