How you can get into microfinance with connects you to specific business somewhere in the developing world where microfinance is needed. is listing all businesses who´s connected to a microfinance institution joining the Kiva program. By lending out as little as $25 to a business you can make huge impact and help them getting economic stable. Usually the loan is repaid between 6-12 months and you receive journals from the business you´re sponsoring.

A microfinance institution is called field partner by Kiva. To qualify for Kiva´s field partner program the microfinance institution (MFI) needs to:

  • serve at least 1000 active borrowers
  • be registered as a legal entity in the operating country
  • 1 year of financial audits
  • have a history of at least 2-3 years lending to people for the purpose of helping them out of poverty

As a social investor you earn 0% interest rate from Kiva. The lending platform Kiva lends out the money to prevailling interest rates.

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