In times when stockmarkets are falling

Almost everywhere around the world the stockmarkets have been falling in the last time, due to things like banks loosing money in subprime loans.

But not everything are loosing value nowadays. The microfinance industry is developing and more traditional financial institutions are opening their eyes for microfinance because they starts to see the huge opportunities. Investing in microfinance and helping people start busiensses means profits for both the lender and borrower. It´s a stable and secure investment since the repayment rates of the loans are on a average close to 100%!

How you can get into microfinance with connects you to specific business somewhere in the developing world where microfinance is needed. is listing all businesses who´s connected to a microfinance institution joining the Kiva program. By lending out as little as $25 to a business you can make huge impact and help them getting economic stable. Usually the loan is repaid between 6-12 months and you receive journals from the business you´re sponsoring.

A microfinance institution is called field partner by Kiva. To qualify for Kiva´s field partner program the microfinance institution (MFI) needs to:

  • serve at least 1000 active borrowers
  • be registered as a legal entity in the operating country
  • 1 year of financial audits
  • have a history of at least 2-3 years lending to people for the purpose of helping them out of poverty

As a social investor you earn 0% interest rate from Kiva. The lending platform Kiva lends out the money to prevailling interest rates.